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Garage Sale Steal



I love Saturday mornings getting up early and going to see what deals I can find at the local Garage Sales. I waited all week for this sale. She posted it on Craigslist early in the week with a ton of Sneak Peek pictures so Saturday couldn’t come fast enough. We didn’t arrive to this sale until about 8:09 and as we were pulling up I spotted this chair sitting there. Peter couldn’t park the truck fast enough – I practically jumped out while it was still moving. I was extremely delighted to find out this was still available and at a price of $10 I didn’t even think about it – it was mine.



I absolutely love the color – it is one that I currently accent with in our living room now so I’m going to try to clean the fabric but if that doesn’t work I’ll give my try at reupholstering it. But for now it’s sitting in a previously open space I was trying to fill next to my fireplace. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase – it was a good Saturday sale day. We also walked away with two and a 1/2 truckloads of other items over the course of the day! I’ve got a lot of work to do!!



2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Steal

  1. Nothing is better than finding what you want at an incredible price! Totally makes you a garage sale addict–doesn’t it?
    It is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Susan! Garage Saling can definitely be addicting – it’s my favorite Saturday morning activity. (: Thanks for looking!!

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