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Good Luck Mic!

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I’m not a runner. Let’s just put that out there. I’ve tried – I joined a gym a little over a month ago but on my second time there I had a very embarrassing incident with the treadmill and I haven’t been back (those things can really speed up pretty fast!!).

I didn’t get the athletic genes of the family but both of my sisters did. And I’m so very, very proud to say that my middle sister, Michelle, is going to be running the “Grandma’s Marathon” in Duluth tomorrow.

This is something that she’s always wanted to do and it has been on her “bucket list”. This year she decided to go for it and run in memory of my brother. I’m sooo very sad I can’t be there in person (on the sidelines) to cheer her on because of an obligation I have for my daughter, but I just want her to know I’m going to be there every step of the way in spirit and want to wish her the best of luck!!

Good luck Mic – I know you’ll do great!!  In honor of your success I’m going to get back on the treadmill next week – maybe I’ll be able to keep up with you the marathon in September.  LOL.

Love you! ~Jess









And because this one was too funny not to include…..



One thought on “Good Luck Mic!

  1. Wish you were with us too. We will keep you posted all morning long. Good luck Mic! This is why you fought so hard as a child. To run with your own ball & socket.

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