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My Urban Garden Planters


If you are a Pinterest follower of mine you probably can tell what we’ve been up to the past week! LOTS of gardening!

We weren’t going to do a vegetable garden this year since the backyard is a work in progress, but then my sister offered us some established strawberry plants and it quickly went from adding a strawberry planter to adding a small side garden on the side of our yard to then adding another “Urban Style Garden” onto the  side of our house. I’m so excited about all the changes we’ve made and probably most proud of the Urban Garden.

I don’t have a true before picture but below is where we started last night…

urban garden before

The raised bed planters we had put in already and believe it or now we had already started to clean off the inches of dirt covering the paved walkway (what a MESS).  There was also a bamboo fence staked in next to the existing fence here (that’s what you see in the corner there) that Peter took down and by doing that we gained about 6” of space!

And here is where we are at now…

urban garden after

There is still a lot of work I want to do yet but it’s looking much better.

My favorite part about it is my Burlap Potato Planters! I LOVE burlap so for me this was the perfect solution to cover the buckets we planted the potatoes in.

Burlap Planters 1

This is all pretty experimental for us so I’m hoping it works out!

Burlap Planters 2

And if the burlap buckets don’t produce the potatoes they should I have a backup plan in another area of the yard at the end of our planted ground garden…..

potato planter

This is a really cool metal tub that Peter found in the barn at his parents so we are using it for planting more potatoes. My hopeful, optimistic approach is that these potatoes will make us all the way through the winter!

And next to the metal potato planter we have the strawberry planter that Peter built. We were able to get most of the plants that my sister gave us in here. We left some room for more plants to fill in and will probably make another planter next year.

strawberry planter

And we also have some flower container plants throughout our yard. It’s been such a late year that not many of them have filled out yet but here is a metal coffee pot with alyssum planted.

tin pitcher

And lastly we have Peter’s genius idea…



He found this barrel at his parent’s farm and he actually came up with the idea to use it as a planter. How great is that??!!

Hopefully I’ll have some more to share as the garden takes place. I’ve got a few things left to plant, a few trellises I want to build and then I plan to “pretty it all up” and make some tags and such. It’s been a lot of work putting these gardens in but also so fun and rewarding to see it all start to grow!! It’s only been a week since we put the ground garden in and all of our seeds are growing fast!!


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7 thoughts on “My Urban Garden Planters

  1. Smart ideas! I really like the barrel.

  2. I love the strawberry planter!! We had a strawberry patch when I was a kid and I just remember it being unruly – this looks awesome!

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  5. I love the strawberry planter–that seems very practical! The barrel planter has such a great aged look to it.

  6. I really like the orange/blue feathers on the butt of the top one. What are those? I’m basically just looking for some various Denver Bronco colored feathers/materials. Cheers, Randy

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