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Tips for Growing & Using Sage

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My mom is a great gardener and has been such a huge help to me. I love it when she stops by occasionally and walks through the flower beds to help me sort out the weeds from the flowers. I apparently have a really hard time with this – some of my “favorites” turned out to be weeds! LOL.

I was so happy when she told me that this plant that I suspected to be a weed was actually a Sage plant! I’ve heard (via Pinterest) that Sage is supposed to repel mosquitoes when you put it in a bonfire so for that reason alone I have been wanting to plant some. We get our fair share of mosquitos here in MN so I’m willing to try anything!!


Other than that, however, I had little knowledge of how to care for Sage and what else I could use it for so that ended up being the first plant/herb I researched for the Garden Reference Book I’m creating for myself.

Here are a few things I learned. Feel free to share any tips or information you may have in the comments as well!!

Growing Sage Plants Outside:

  • Sage Plants need full sunshine at least 2-3 times a day;
  • They don’t need a lot of water – too much moisture will kill it; Sage does best in dry conditions and requires very little care (sounds like the perfect plant for me already!)
  • Good companion herbs to sage are Rosemary and Thyme because they have similar water and sun requirements;

Harvesting Fresh Sage for Use

  • Cut off the leaves with a scissors or pinch it off;
  • Sage is best used fresh but you can also freeze the leaves in a plastic bag or dry them;

How to Dry Sage

  • It is best to pick sage leaves for drying just before they flower;
  • Make sure the branches are dry and not wet;
  • Tie the branches loosely in a bunch and hang them upside down in a cool, dry place out of sunlight;
  • Store dried sage in an airtight bottle or container out of sunlight; Dried sage lasts indefinitely;

Harvesting Sage Plants in the Fall

  • Prune off the old branches to about half their size and allow them to go dormant; they will revive in the Spring;
  • Some sites also suggested mulching around the base of the plants with leaves or straw; Our garden has hasn’t been tended for several years so I’m thinking this isn’t always needed;

Here are some great Uses for Sage that I found on Pinterest and plan to try:




Fire Starter / Mosquito Repellant

sage fire starter


Pear and Sage Stuffed Chicken Breast with a Hazelnut Crust



Shredded Beef



Slow Cooker Chicken with Sage and Stuffing



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