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For the past few years my sister Danielle has been obsessed with succulents. After seeing her cute decorations with them I was inspired to start growing some of my own and they are becoming some of my favorite plants to decorate with around the house! I love how unique each plant is and it’s fun to find small pots and containers to grow them in.




I also love that you can propagate them! I had some leaves that had come off when I potted my succulents so on Sunday I gathered all the information I could from my sister Danielle and spent hours on pinterest pinning and reading articles on propagating them. I followed my directions and had all my leaves set out on the kitchen windowsill on top of sandy soil to let them scap. Some are just starting to scab over and others aren’t doing well and seem to be rotting.

Last night I found this one little lone succulent cutting that I had put on top of a cabinet in my upstairs hallway on Sunday when I was working on the others and completely forgot it was there. Ironically, this little guy is already growing leaves! And it’s only been there three days!! I couldn’t believe it that the one leaf that I completely forgot about and didn’t check on constantly was the only one that was flourishing! (:


So this morning before I left for work guess where I put all my other succulent leaves?



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