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Sunday pickings….


Pete and I took some time off today from our home projects to do some shopping in a few barns today! This place was amazing and truly is a DIYer’s shopping mall!  I could have bought truckloads of stuff but I managed to limit myself to focus for now on the sunroom remodel project. I did stray a little and bought some of this additional hardware because I know down the road I’m going to use it for something.

Not pictured in my pickings yet is an old school door I’m going to go back and buy to use as a privacy screen. I was trying to not be my normal, impulsive shopaholic self and buy it right away so I wanted to go home and measure my room even thought I knew before we even left the driveway I knew I was going to find a way to make that door work! Can’t wait to take my mom and my sisters here!




2 thoughts on “Sunday pickings….

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