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Rustic Stool Makeover


This stool has been with me for a long time. I bought it in 2004 to use in my photography sessions and I used it in pretty much every session including this one from my daughter taken in 2005.


Taylor 2005

Since then it’s seen better days. It’s still a nice, sturdy old stool but the finish was rubbing off and you were bound to get a sliver if you rubbed it the wrong way. I struggled with redoing it because of the memories, but ultimately decided that it’s doing me no good hiding in the basement and I really wanted to see what this stool would look like with a makeover and I just love the results – I’m so glad I finally did it.

Here is a before picture of the stool in it’s current 2013 state (along with some other pots I plan to repaint to fit my current décor)….

Stool Before

And here are the afters…

Stool Full 2

Stool Closeup 1

Stool Closeup 2

Stool Full 1

I used two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint on this one and was starting to panic a little as the paint was drying. It was looking like a bright, bright red. But after the initial paint layer dried I applied a layer of clear wax and then went over it with the dark wax and immediately started to love it again. I absolutely love how the dark wax fills in where it needs to and showcases the years of age and memories this stool has been through. Thanks for looking! ~Jess

2 thoughts on “Rustic Stool Makeover

  1. Very nice! I am always worried about reds! Usually my first coat looks like some kind of weird magenta, but by the second coat it looks better and after the dark wax it is exactly what I wanted.

  2. Thanks Susan! I’ve had a few projects recently that have had me worried but there is just something about the waxes that completes a piece. I will have to try your dark wax glazing method – I love how that looks! ~Jess

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