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Duck Egg Blue Side Table


This is one of my favorite recent finished projects. I really love this Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue color. I only bought a sample size of it and now I want to paint everything Duck Egg Blue!!

It’s been said many times that you don’t have to prime pieces when you paint with chalk paint but I did prime this one because it was a laminate piece and I wanted to prevent scratching as much as I could. I used a white primer and about three coats of the Duck Egg blue with AS Clear Wax to seal it. This was my first time using the ASCP and just clear wax by itself without putting a layer of dark wax on top and I absolutely love how clean and fresh it looks! Very beachy and perfect for my porch! I can’t wait to get more of this paint – I will definitely order a quart this time!!  ~Jess



2 thoughts on “Duck Egg Blue Side Table

  1. I think I’m the only person who hasn’t tried chalk paint yet! I love that color though – I might have to make Duck Egg my first chalk paint color!

  2. Thanks Sam! I bought a few sample sizes of the ASCP to try and a quart of the red. Out of all the colors I got the Duck Egg Blue and the Granite are my favorite! What I’m starting to love about this paint is that you can make it look rustic and distress it with a paint brush or you can use a foam brush like I did here and it goes on smooth and looks pretty modern. It’s very versatile – I highly recommend trying it out! ~Jess

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