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Potting Bench

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I’m so lucky to have an amazing and talented boyfriend who has furnished almost half of our house with his handy skills!  I wanted to share the completed pictures of the potting bench that Peter built. I mentioned to him one day that it would be great to have a potting bench and a few days later  he had a potting bench all made up! It’s he awesome? I think we are going to sell this one and he’s going to make me another one just a little bit longer so I can have some more space to work and I’m going to hang some hooks on it to hold my gardening tools.  I’m thinking of painting it a fun, bright color to add some personality to the outside. Any ideas?

Hopefully by the end of the week I can get a few of our other completed projects up to share. We’ve completed a cute, rustic little stool and my jewelry holder project is really coming along too! I’ve found two more frames to paint and I’m pretty excited about the ideas I have for it!!  Be sure to check back!!


Potting Bench 1

Potting Bench 2

Potting Bench 3

Potting Bench 4

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