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Refurbished Dresser


It’s been a busy weekend here in our household! Pete and I have spent the majority of it in the garage working on some of our projects. I’ve acquired quite a few pieces over the past few weeks and they’ve started to overtake the garage. Pete would really like to have at least half of his garage back so he’s been helping me get some of it done.

I’m so excited about how this dresser turned out – I just love it! I’ve been wanted to do a two toned grey and dark stained dresser since I saw these two blog posts pinned on Pinterest:

I decided to use one of the dressers I bought last weekend. I loved how the natural wood looked and knew this would look great stained! Here is the before (forgive bad picture – I almost forgot to take the before picture; as you can see I was a little too excited to start this project and had already taken off two of the handles LOL)

Dresser Before

And here are the afters:




I love this so much I’m working on doing the other dresser I bought last weekend in this same fashion for my son’s room!


4 thoughts on “Refurbished Dresser

  1. I love it, I would like to do this for the dressers in our bedroom since we have both natural wood and grey tones! Great job will post pics of our master bedroom revamp in a week or so:) ~M

  2. Also if you guys come across anymore old dressers we are in desperate need, too many clothes in this house!!!

  3. I love this color combo. You did a great job!

  4. Thanks Mic & Susan! I was going to sell this one but just can’t – I love it too much! LOL. ~Jess

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