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Executive Desk Project…


At Danielle’s request I’m putting up a picture of the desk Pete and I picked up yesterday. It was a  find on Craigslist and we thought it may look kinda cool after we get it all fixed back up. We even found some hidden treasures in this one. Kinda funny.

Stay tuned for the finished pictures – Pete has made this one his own little project and he’s on a mission to get it done. He started stripping it immediately after getting it home and off the truck, as you can see in the before picture. ~Jess


2 thoughts on “Executive Desk Project…

  1. Fantastic! Is this the desk with the metal on the feet? I’m excited to see what you two end up doing with it! >>D.

  2. It is!! There are drawers on the right but on the left that is a cabinet with a shelf that pulls out and comes to the same height at the top of the desk! It’s a neat desk – Pete has been doing some research on it from info he found stamped underneath and it was made in the 1950’s and the company just closed so some of their desks are worth a ton of money! We think this was just a standard model though. (:

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