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Sneak-ish Peek

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On Saturday, Jess and I discovered a trove of treasures (which have now consumed my garage, or at least until Kyle returns home soon), and one of the many finds was this chair turned foot stool.  I’ve had an incredibly busy week at work and have slowly upcycled it in my “spare time” — once it’s all said and done, it will accompany my next ‘desk into vanity project’ so I’ll no longer sit on a dinning room chair to do my make up.  I’m hoping to put the final touches on it this weekend, including reupholstering the seat and adding brass or gold nail heads >> D.


Here it is, Hot off the lot (i.e. Garage Sale):


After sanding the fine groves, my fingers were stiff but well enough to capture a progress photo:


Here’s where I struggled… to paint or stain?

I went w/ stain as I can always go back and paint, and So far I’m happy with my decision to stain (however, knowing how impulsive/indecisive I am, in the end I may just paint if I don’t feel that the fabric is receiving the attention it needs up against the dark stain)…


so far, so good… I’ll post my final before and an actual After once it’s all said and done, soon!! 🙂

>> D.


One thought on “Sneak-ish Peek

  1. I love how this is coming along – the front legs on this are just beautiful! Love the stain too! ~Jess

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